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    Dynamic Arborist offers a huge range of tree services across South Eastern Melbourne. Our comprehensive list of services allows you to count on us for all your tree service needs. We’re here to assist you with our extensive knowledge and skills, we have established ourselves as one of Melbourne’s most respected tree service providers.
    Benefits of Pruning Your Tree

    Tree Removal

    We provide tree removal services, although this is our last option when it comes to maintaining the natural tree life on your property. Know More

    How much does tree care cost?

    Tree Bracing and Cabling

    We use a tree bracing and cabling system with tree bracing supplies that support the existing tree life within your campus grounds to safely. Know More

    Chipping and Mulching

    We provide professional mulching and wood chipping service for customers that may have damaged trees and wish to give them new life & purpose on their grounds. Know More

    What Is Tree Pruning? Pruning Methods And Benefits

    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    As one of the best tree pruning services in Melbourne, we strive to beautify and maintain your property so that it may flourish to its maximum potential. Know More

    Stump Grinding & Removal

    We provide tree stump removal services and stump grinding services for obstructive and/or damaged tree stumps on their school campuses. Know More

    Arborist Services

    We strive to be among the best arborists in South Eastern Melbourne through our storm damage tree cleanup arborist services in the local community. Know More

    Emergency Tree Services

    Now and then you will find yourself needing emergency tree services. Unprecedented weather can cause so much destruction to trees. Know More

    storm damaged tree cutting

    Storm Damage

    Storms can be devastating to trees around your property, particularly on trees and other tall, growing greenery. Know More

    Professional tree pruning – Why it matters!

    Fire Protection Services

    With fire season almost upon us, there is no better time than right now to call in the team at Dynamic arborist. Know More

    Palm Tree Services

    No tropical look is perfect without palm trees in the background. Their striking, symmetrical leaves, diverse growth patterns. Know More

    Gum Tree Services

    Do you have a relentless gum tree stump in your yard that you just can’t quite figure out what to do with? Know More

    Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary, or is it better to grind a stump?

    Pine Tree Services

    Have you recently removed a pine tree from your property, but are left with an unsightly stump? Stump removal is the second half of tree removal project. Know More



    Having safe, beautiful trees shouldn’t cost an arm and leg - with us, it doesn’t

    No Mess

    No mess

    We clean up after ourselves, ensuring your yard is neater than when we arrived

    Fully Insured

    Fully insured

    Should something happen, we are fully insured, for your peace of mind

    Prompt And Reliable

    Prompt and reliable

    We show up on time, every time because your time is valuable