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    Services Required in the Council and Government Industries

    The appearance and landscape of council and government buildings goes beyond which species of grass decorates the lawn and whether your flower pots should be filled with foliage or flora. The maintenance and upkeep of government buildings represents the community, the history, and the native beauty of the area. Landscaping public areas like this is an art, and local professionals are the best people to curate these spaces.

    Why Are Tree Services Important in Council and Government Industries?

    One of the ways that we can be spokespeople for our environment and local wildlife is to showcase the most established members of the native landscape – trees. Whether you need to remove a damaged tree that causes your government office to appear unkept or want to brace one of the most weathered trees in the area to give it new life, taking care of your trees is a thoughtful way to showcase the local beauty that you represent.

    How Dynamic Arborist can Assist

    As a small family-run business, we acknowledge the need for tree maintenance and believe that we can serve your council and government buildings well. Taking care of your trees both maintains the safety of your grounds and keeps it looking polished and manicured. It would be our honour to help you take care of your landscaping!

    Below are a few of the ways we serve our Melbourne clients –

    Tree Bracing & Cabling

    Using thoughtfully-sourced tree bracing supplies, our tree bracing and cabling system supports the existing tree life on your building sites.

    Stump Grinding & Removal

    Melbourne clients that use our tree stump removal services and stump grinding services allow us to handle obstructive or damaged tree stumps on their office properties. If this is you, give us a call!

    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    We pride ourselves on being the best tree pruning services in Melbourne. Our tree pruning service entails our professional arborists cutting back trees so that they can grow in more healthy and manageable ways.

    Arborist Service

    We strive to be among the best arborists in South Eastern Melbourne. aThrough our arborist services, we have helped the community through our storm-damaged tree cleanup and storm-damaged tree cutting in the area.

    Chipping & Mulching

    We provide professional mulching and wood chipping service. This primarily assists clients that have damaged or previously-removed trees. If you want to use your damaged or previously-removed trees to make wood chips that are equitable for future landscaping projects, reach out for further inquiries!

    Tree Removal

    We perform tree removal services, although we consider this to be a worst-case-scenario. Whether you need emergency tree removal services, help with extraction of obstructive or damaged trees, or storm-damaged tree removal services, we are ready to serve as your local tree removal team.

    Here at Dynamic Arborist, we believe in caring for our land with integrity and hope to honour our planet well. Environmental change is a real issue that we face, and we believe that one solution could be taking care of our trees. This is why we consider all other alternative methods before going forward with tree removal. 

    We want to serve our growing community here in South Eastern Melbourne, and believe local business is the way to do it. We provide free estimates for projects, hazard assessments and promise comprehensive pricing points. Our company values you as our potential client and will provide a professional service experience that goes beyond your expectations.

    We hope you will trust us here at Dynamic Arborist to provide high-quality work and clarity to your landscaping decisions as a council and/or government facility.



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