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    Services / Chipping And Mulching

    Professional Chipping and Mulching Services

    “Our highly skilled arborists can help you recycle removed trees, stumps, and branches.”

    Here at Dynamic Arborist, we believe in protecting our natural resources and repurposing materials. Whether you have a tree on your property that has been removed, or are planning a tree removal currently – you can give your tree new life. Chipping and mulching removed trees offers a unique way to recycle materials. Wood chips for landscaping, mulch for gardening, or even creating a nutrient-rich fertiliser.

    Difference Between Tree Chipping and Mulching Services

    Although they are discussed together, there are some slight differences between chipping and mulching services. 

    Chipping involves reprocessing removed trees in various forms, whether stumps or branches to produce wood chips. You can scatter the wood across your garden. Not all wood chips are equal in size or shape. 

    Mulching, on the other hand, is an efficient, ecological, and fast way of removing vegetation from your property. The term is often used to describe the process used to recycle other green waste but is still applicable to removed trees and stump grinding. 

    When searching for “chipping and mulching services near me,” we recommend choosing a company that will perform all the wood chipping and mulching on-site for you. At Dynamic Arborist, we can remove anything you don’t have a use or space for, leaving the high-grade mulch behind for you to incorporate into your flower beds and under your trees.

    How Our Wood Chipping Process Works

    You can rely on our mulching services in Melbourne to provide the most efficient tree shredding service possible. Branches or trees are cut up with hand saws to expedite the cutting process, and are then fed into our wood chipper for further processing.

    Wood chips won’t make a mess on your property or your neighbour’s property, so there is no cleaning up afterwards; we do that hard work for you. Upon completion, you’ll receive free mulch containing beneficial nutrients for your plants. If you don’t need any for your garden, you can count on us to haul away all the mulch, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space again.

    Using our wood mulching & chipping service solutions, we can confidently complete the job professionally. We provide our chipping and mulching services in South Eastern Melbourne for an affordable price.

    How Chipping and Mulching Can Benefit Your Garden

    Tree services typically produce wood chips from bark, sapwood, and hardwoods. As they decompose, they release nutrients slowly into the soil. Their breakdown also increases soil organic matter, broken down by microorganisms and earthworms that live in the soil and burrow into it. It’s healthier for plants to grow in soils with more organic matter.

    Using wood chips sourced from local suppliers contributes to sustainability, preventing the waste of a valuable product. It’s something that benefits both the environment and the economy.

    It does take a while for wood chips to decompose and settle down. Similarly to other organic mulches, you need to replace them regularly to maintain their effectiveness in suppressing weed growth and conserving water.

    Stack the chips away from tree trunks to prevent insects and fungi from growing on them due to the constant moisture. It’s better to spread them out like a doughnut so that they avoid direct contact with trees.

    How Is Much Good for the Garden?

    An organic vegetable garden benefits greatly from mulch. Below are two good reasons to use it in your vegetable garden or other plants.

    Weeding is Reduced by Mulching

    No one enjoys weeding their garden. Weeds can be prevented from sprouting by mulch. Additionally, weeds that do grow through your mulch layer will be easier to pull up.

    Water is Conserved

    Water is essential for growing tender seedlings and seeds that have just been sown. In the long run, they don’t require much watering unless there is a lot of dry weather. As a result of mulching, the soil beneath won’t dry out, and water will be conserved. Doing so in certain areas prone to dry weather can contain more water for longer, keeping the soil moist for your plants. If the environment is humid and you get too much water, the mulch can soak up the excess and store it, so the plants don’t get root rot and die.

    Getting a Free Estimate for Your Chipping and Mulching Job

    A tree removal’s cost depends on several factors, including the type of tree to be removed, the area, barriers, and the method used to remove the stump. Arborists determine the majority of tree removal costs according to the size of the tree and its complexity. Tree removal costs are generally higher for larger trees. Let’s examine the costs associated with removing a tree, the basic cost of tree removal, and the difference between grinding it down or complete stump removal. 

    A team member here at Dynamic Arborist is always available to sit down with you and walk you through costs. It will be broken down for you by the team, so you know what you are paying for without any extra hidden fees. Writing a detailed quote that everyone understands takes effort and understanding, and unprofessional workers are not always willing to do that. With our professional mulching and wood chipping service, you will always know what you are paying for.

    Is It Necessary to Remove My Trees?

    Private property owners may remove trees from their property for the following reasons:

    • Trees are dead.
    • Trees posing a hazard or are in a dangerous location.  
    • Branches with significant lean or touching the ground.
    • Trees infected with a disease.
    • Weed trees (you will need to check which trees are weed trees with your local council).
    • Trees that are causing damage to DA-approved property. 
    • Trees that have been approved for removal based on building plans.

    Is It Necessary to Hire a Professional Service?

    There are several reasons why you need a proper chipping and mulching team to carry out the job:

    Tree Care Is Their Specialty

    Tree care involves more than trimming dead leaves and lopping off branches. The professional arborists at Dynamic Arborist, who have recognised credentials and licences, have received comprehensive training. Their expertise lies in the maintenance and planting of trees. They provide a wide range of tree services, including tree pruning and cutting, tree removal in an emergency, tree clean-up after a storm, and stump removal. These are the first parts of the process; then, the wood mulching and chipping service is done, which can be used in your garden or be taken away for you at no additional fee.

    Working on Trees Safely

    There are dangers associated with tree care, especially if the specimens are large. Bracing and cabling trees, pruning trees, and repairing storm-damaged trees requires specialty equipment and professional care. A certified arborist has the necessary training and experience to perform this hazardous task safely, preventing damage to your trees and property.

    Tools and Equipment Are Available to Them

    The team uses modern, well-maintained equipment and machinery. While you may think handling tree care yourself is cheaper than hiring professionals, there is much more to consider. If you want to take care of trees and maintain them properly, there can be a high cost associated with these. However, using them can be complicated, even if you can afford them. These tools are only available to arborists equipped with the knowledge necessary to use them effectively.

    Fully-Maintained Truck for Tipping Tree Waste

    Professional tree service companies purchase the right equipment to handle your trees safely and efficiently. The ongoing maintenance costs for this machinery are extremely high. The importance of this service cannot be overstated because all machinery and tools are constantly in use and must be kept in good working order. From equipment like slings and pulleys to grinders and wood chippers, each one is crucial to the safety and professional removal of trees and grinding them up.

    The poor maintenance of a harness could result in a worker falling out of a tree or falling due to poorly maintained ropes damaging structures below them. Protective equipment is also important when using a wood chipper, as the chips can fly out and make contact with the face. When it comes to mulching and wood chipping costs, if you are given a quote from a chipping and mulching person and it’s extremely low, it may not include clean up and the use of proper equipment. 

    Take a look at your provider’s recent social media posts and other web content to find out whether they are using current equipment or whether it looks dangerous.

    Why Do Qualified Arborists Differ From Regular Tree Loppers?


    Their knowledge allows them to handle smaller jobs confidently. There is a possibility that they will not have the funds to purchase or maintain modern equipment, be unable to provide you liability coverage, will lack workers’ compensation, and will offer you a lower price. Due to their lack of formal education, their advice may not be accurate regarding your tree problem and the proposed solutions.


    To be an arborist, you need to have Arboriculture Cert 3. As a tree maintenance company, we have extensive knowledge, know how to remove a tree safely, and have the right arboricultural knowledge. We also hold additional qualifications and skills in chipping and mulching the wood.

    Insurance and Safety Precautions

    So many incidents can happen in this line of work, which is why it’s considered dangerous. It takes an experienced arborist to bring a tree trunk down from heights and that weighs several tons. In many cases, the arborist who offers the lowest quote does so at the expense of saving time and money using a faster method.

    With so many benefits from mulching and chipping for the ecosystem and your garden, you must get the job done by the right people to ensure safety for your garden and those around you.

    Wood chip mulches are not cheap to buy; it can be cheaper to get your own wood chopped and mulched. There are many benefits to mulching the soil with natural materials, and wood chips are great because they mimic the environment where fruiting plants grow. In nature, many domestic fruit trees, such as apple trees, flourish in forest margins and establish woodland habitats of their own. A soil organism’s paradise consists of rotting vegetation and branches lying on the ground. Adding that to your garden is a blessing it will enjoy.

    At Dynamic Arborist, we have a team of passionate, friendly, and highly skilled arborists who can help you out when you need to recycle removed trees, stumps, and branches. Contact us today to learn more about this and our other services or for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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    Arborist Report

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    Risk Assessments

    24/7 Emergency Call Outs

    Emergency Tree Removal

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    Tree Surgery

    Arborist Report

    Tree Removal Permits

    Risk Assessments

    24/7 Emergency Call Outs

    Emergency Tree Removal

    After Hours Tree Services

    Tree Impact Insurance Claim

    Fire Reduction

    Fire Break Pruning

    Storm Damage Tree Removals

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