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    Retirement Villages and Aged Care Centres

    Services Required in the Retirement Care Industry

    Within the retirement care industry, there are many niches, roles, and responsibilities that aged care facilities hold. Retirement villages provide a safe space for senior citizens to call home, engage in the community, and receive the care they need – whether more hands-on or low-maintenance.

    These spaces are thoughtfully created for the safety and flourishing of senior members in our communities: the accessible home layouts, meaningful outdoor spaces to encourage movement, and designated areas and activities that facilitate social growth.

    Why Are Tree Services Important in Retirement Care Industry

    We believe that if we take care of our environment – namely, the trees – that our environment will, in turn, take care of us. Using proper tools and techniques to ensure the care of the trees around our homes and shared spaces keeps these trees strong and allows us to manipulate the landscape around us to meet the needs of the community.

    Whether you have damaged trees that need to be removed for more space, or you have safety hazards on your grounds that could pose a risk, properly taking care of the trees on your retirement village grounds goes beyond curb appeal.

    How Dynamic Arborist can Assist

    Our goal here at Dynamic Arborist is to serve you as an individual client with individual needs. We are a local family-run business and we know that our tree maintenance services go beyond creating a well-manicured aged care facility location. We want to ensure the safety and efficiency of your space as well!

    Below are a few of the ways we serve our Melbourne clients –

    Tree Bracing & Cabling

    Our tree bracing and cabling system that uses thoughtfully selected tree bracing supplies can support and protect the existing trees within your retirement village that may need a little extra help bracing themselves.

    Stump Grinding & Removal

    We provide stump grinding and tree stump removal services for clients who have come across obstructive or damaged tree stumps on their property. If this is a problem in your retirement village, give us a call!

    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    As one of the best tree pruning services in South Eastern Melbourne, we use our pruning and trimming skills to cure back trees so that they may be more manageable and fruitful in the future.

    Arborist Service

    Dynamic Arborist is among the best arborists in South Eastern Melbourne because of our professional storm-damaged tree cleanup and emergency cleanup arborist services that we have offered the community. Let us help you accomplish your arborist goals, too!

    Chipping & Mulching

    Our professional mulching and wood chipping services serve our customers that have damaged and/or previously removed trees on their property that wish to repurpose them as mulch and wood chips. These repurposed trees can later be used in landscaping efforts!

    Tree Removal

    As a business that believes in caring for our planet with integrity, we acknowledge that environmental change is a real issue around us. One of the ways that we as a business hope to contribute to serving our land is by maintaining trees instead of removing them. This is why we always consider all other possibilities before resorting to tree removal.

    We at Dynamic Arborist want to serve our community here in South Eastern Melbourne by meeting specific needs of our clients and providing our high-quality service. We accomplish this by providing free estimates, free hazard assessments and can ensure a clean job with fully comprehensive pricing points.

    We hope you will trust us here at Dynamic Arborist to provide tree maintenance and care for your retirement village. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!



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