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    Dynamic Arborist specializes in offering professional Arborist services across East Melbourne, catering to all industry tree service needs. Whether you want to remove a tree for a construction project or wish to enhance the look of your rental property, we are here to help you. With our wide experience, we are East Melbourne’s most trust tree service provider.

    Commercial Tree Services

    Within the commercial tree service industry, you are landscapers, designers, and creators of beautiful places and spaces. Know More

    Real Estate and Property Management

    Managing and maintaining real estate and properties is a significant responsibility with many moving pieces. Know More

    Primary and Secondary Schools

    Primary and Secondary Schools

    Our schools are some of the most important locations across the region in terms of shaping the trajectory of the future. Know More

    Retirement Care Industry

    Retirement villages and Aged Care

    Within the retirement care industry, there are many niches, roles, and responsibilities that aged care facilities hold. Know More

    Do you need council approval to remove a tree?

    Council and Government

    The appearance and landscape of council and government buildings goes beyond which species of grass decorates the lawn. Know More

    Construction and Demolition

    Working in construction and demolition encompasses a wide range of responsibilities. Know More



    Having safe, beautiful trees shouldn’t cost an arm and leg - with us, it doesn’t

    No Mess

    No mess

    We clean up after ourselves, ensuring your yard is neater than when we arrived

    Fully Insured

    Fully insured

    Should something happen, we are fully insured, for your peace of mind

    Prompt And Reliable

    Prompt and reliable

    We show up on time, every time because your time is valuable