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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You are not required to be there when the quote is taken. Often we will ask for a photo to be sent to us to give you an estimate and then if you wish a full quote we will come to your house and give a complete final quote. As long as we have access to the tree to see it and asses it you are not required to be there.

    You will need to contact your local council in order to request the permit. Some trees are exempt from permit to be removed but this differs from council to council. 

    There are only a few situations when you don’t need a permit. As a rule of thumb, all trees need a permit to be removed. The exemption are dead and immediately dangerous trees and then each council has an extra set of exemptions. This can be found on your local councils web page.If you are unsure you can contact us and we will give you some advice.

    For most of the jobs the trees will be cut down to a small stump at the base. However, if you request stump removal we can also offer this service at an extra cost. We will bring a special machine onsite to grind the stump down to around 30cm deep turning it into mulch. Bear in mind that tree roots can extend a fair distance away from the stump and not all the roots will be grinded out, this roots will decompose in time. 

    Yes, we can dump the mulch in any location around your yard just make sure there is a clear space for it and that a tipping truck can physically fit. It’s perfect for your trees and garden beds.

    Yes, The Dynamic Arborist is fully insured.

    $20,000,000 Public Liability

    $5,000,000 Professional Indemnity

    Payments are to be made in full on completion of the work. Payments can be made via cash, cheque or EFT. If you can’t be present on the day, please let us know so we can make alternative payment arrangements.

    Of course you can. Please just let us know when quoting so we can cut the pieces into usable pieces, and we will stack them near the location of the tree. Any other desires can be discussed at the time of quoting.



    Having safe, beautiful trees shouldn’t cost an arm and leg - with us, it doesn’t

    No Mess

    No mess

    We clean up after ourselves, ensuring your yard is neater than when we arrived

    Fully Insured

    Fully insured

    Should something happen, we are fully insured, for your peace of mind

    Prompt And Reliable

    Prompt and reliable

    We show up on time, every time because your time is valuable