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    Primary and Secondary Schools

    Services Required in the Education Industry

    Our schools are some of the most important locations across the region in terms of shaping the trajectory of the future. We want to support and funnel resources into our schools so that we may give younger generations a step up in learning how to take care of the world around us!

    From creating safe spaces in the classroom for primary and secondary school students to learn freely to keeping up the grounds so that they can safely explore the world around them in outdoor activities – curating learning spaces on school campuses sets students up for success and takes away distractions that could inhibit learning.

    Why Are Tree Services Important in the Education Industry?

    Aside from the obvious safety considerations of trees being maintained to avoid the risk of branches falling or children climbing on damaged/rotting trees, there are many reasons why tree service should be taught in schools. Here are a few.

    Sitting in a classroom is the primary way our students learn practical skills for their future schooling and professions; observing the outside world is a hands-on way that our students see the curriculum that they learned in the classroom come to life.

    Taking diligent care of trees surrounding school campuses is one way to show young people how life cycles happen. Trees are vibrant ecosystems that contribute to our environment in many ways – and we want to show our students that professional tree services like grinding stumps and wood chipping give damaged trees new life.

    Bracing trees allows damaged trees to organically repair themselves. Trimming and pruning trees give the opportunity for further fruit growth and healthier leaves. Let us lead our students by example!

    How Dynamic Arborist can Assist

    Here at Dynamic Arborist, we provide a wide range of services to meet your needs for your primary and secondary school campuses. As a small family-run business, we have recognised the need for tree maintenance, not only to maintain a manicured property, but to ensure safety and efficiency within your space, too. It would be our honour to step in and serve you in these areas!

    Below are a few of the ways we serve our Melbourne clients –

    Tree Bracing & Cabling

    We use a tree bracing and cabling system with tree bracing supplies that support the existing tree life within your campus grounds to safely and effectively allow trees to grow with structural soundness.

    Stump Grinding & Removal

    We provide tree stump removal services and stump grinding services for obstructive and/or damaged tree stumps on their school campuses. If this describes your school, give us a call!

    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    As one of Melbourne’s best tree pruning services, we strive to maintain and even beautify your school property so that it may flourish.

    Arborist Service

    We aim to be among the top arborists in South Eastern Melbourne through storm damage tree cleanup arborist services in the community and teaching our local residents (including students) how to look after the environment around us. Caring for our land is a job that all of us must contribute to.

    Chipping & Mulching

    We provide professional mulching and wood chipping service for clients with damaged trees to give them a new lease on life or trees that need to be removed. Reach out for further inquiries!

    Tree Removal

    We do provide tree removal services, although this is our last resort in maintaining the native tree life around your primary and secondary school campuses. Whether you need emergency tree removal services, storm damage tree removal services, or extraction of obstructive or damaged trees, we are excited to be your local tree removal team. 

    We only have one planet, and we as a business believe in caring for it to the best of our ability. Climate change is real and we believe that taking care of our trees is part of the solution. For this reason we will always consider all other possible routes before tree removal.

    We are a local family-run business and want to serve our South Eastern Melbourne community. To do so, we provide free estimates and free hazard assessments and can ensure a clean job with comprehensive pricing points. We value all our clients and strive to provide a professional service beyond expectations.

    Here at Dynamic Arborist, we promise to provide you with high-quality service, and we’re confident you will be satisfied with the results.



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