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    What Tools/Equipment Do Arborists Use?

    An arborist, Melbourne-based or otherwise, is a very dangerous and highly skilled business that requires an understanding of tree physics and biology. There is more to being an arborist than tree removal services and tree pruning. Another way to describe the work of arborists is that they are tree doctors because they are not only involved in planting and removing trees, but diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases and other common issues that affect trees.

    Many of the tools you are familiar with and could get at your local hardware, DIY or garden. at you’ve seen in your local hardware, DIY or garden store. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid hiring an arborist in Melbourne, though, as they also rely on a lot of specialist equipment that only they know how to use properly. To help you understand better what is involved in the skilled work of arborists we are going to look at the most important tools they use in this post.

    Rigging Tools and Equipment

    Rigging tools and equipment are very important for arborists. Rigging is not just used for climbing tall and dangerous trees safely or making sure large limbs and branches are brought down to the ground safely. Rigging is also used in the safe transportation of heavy equipment and power tools to and from individuals who are up trees.

    The highly specialist gear that they use on a regular basis includes:

    • Lots of rope
    • Rigging thimbles
    • Swivels
    • Cable hoists
    • Powered pullers
    • Winches
    • Carabiners
    • Rigging plates
    • Friction brakes
    • Heavy-duty and light slings
    • Pulleys and blocks

    Climbing Tools and Equipment

    Climbing tools and equipment go hand in hand with the rigging gear arborists use. The climbing, interestingly, is regarded as the most dangerous part of an arborist’s work. While you never hear very often about arborists cutting themselves, you do hear about them falling from trees. Any reputable arborist who follows safe working practices will have at their disposal well-maintained and appropriate climbing equipment. In addition to the rigging tools and equipment we’ve already covered, they also use:

    • Protective glasses or goggles
    • Saddles
    • Hardhats or helmets
    • Gloves that offer better grip
    • Other protective clothing
    • Radios or other communicators
    • Spurs
    • Tree bracing and cabling
    • Ascenders and descenders
    • Tails
    • Eye slings
    • First-aid kits

    Cutting Tools and Equipment

    While it is fair to say that tree pruning and cutting services are not the only thing arborists do, a large percentage of their job involves carefully cutting trees. It is always done as a last resort, with the view of repairing or treating trees they are working on or to prevent more damage occurring. Although you have undoubtedly seen tree surgeons using chainsaws, they also use:

    • Hatchets
    • Hedge trimmers
    • Various wedges and axes
    • Woodchippers
    • Tree loppers
    • Hand pruners
    • Pole saws
    • Pruners
    • Hand saws

    Trimming Tools and Equipment

    To the untrained eye, it may appear that there is not a lot of difference between tree cutting and tree trimming. However, the main difference is that trimming is used when an arborist is working on reducing the size of the tree crown. They do this to avoid needlessly cutting at a healthy tree. Trimming, or tree pruning, is also used in the same way any gardener performs it on other plants and flowers, to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. Tree pruning services involve the use of many similar tools to cutting. The difference is the way they are used. There is a lot more finesse and intricacy involved in tree trimming.

    As you can see, there is more to the work of the average Melbourne arborist than trimming and chopping down trees. They need to be experienced and skilled in using all the equipment and tools we have discussed, which is why you should always check their credentials and ask arborists questions about what tools they have access to. Use our lists as a guide and if any are not discussed by an individual or agency, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

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