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    How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

    The cost of tree removal depends on the tree being removed, the location, obstacles, and which method of removing the stump you opt for. Arborists largely determine the tree removal cost based on the size of the tree and the complexity. Bigger trees generally cost more to remove. Let’s take a closer look at how much it costs to remove a tree, breaking down the basic cost to remove a tree while also comparing the price of stump grinding vs. stump removal.

    Tree Removal Cost

    Tree removal costs start at $350 for felling a small tree. Stump removal or stump grinding must still be added to the base price. Local tree lopping quote aggregator, GoTreeQuotes lists the average tree removal cost in Australia at $1434. Stump grinding is significantly cheaper than total stump removal but still presents a variable charge based on the stump size and the level of depth beneath the ground you want it ground down to.

    Tree removal is normally billed according to the size of the tree being removed. Average tree removal costs for small 5 to 6m trees range between $250 and $600. Medium trees measuring 6m to 9m come with a cost of between $650 and $900. Large trees measuring 9m to 20m are billed at $1000 to $2000. Extra-large trees with a height of between 20m and 50m typically cost $2,500 upward, with prices reaching a ceiling of around $20,000 to $25,000.

    Tree Cutting Cost

    Cutting down a tree ranges between $350 and $4500 on average. The tree cutting cost isn’t directly relative to the size. For example, just because a medium 7m sized tree is quoted at $800, this doesn’t mean that it’ll cost you $1600 for a 14m tree. Larger trees are significantly more challenging to remove, leading to an exponentially higher tree-cutting cost. Large trees above 20 meters in height that require the use of cranes, coordinating local electricity shutdowns, or liaising with traffic control services can cost up to $20,000 or more to remove.

    Stump Grinding Cost

    Stump grinding costs range between $60 and $900 depending on the diameter of the stump, how deep the customer wants it ground, and how long grinding takes. The majority of arborists charge per hour for stump grinding, with the national average arising as roughly $200. Most tree stumps take little more than 15 to 30 minutes of grinding. Grinding shaves a tree down to a significant distance below ground level, severing the roots, which then begin decomposing without further removal.

    Stump Removal Cost

    Stump removal using either chemical removal techniques, force or fire, costs between $75 and $450 per stump. The exact size, location, and type of stump determine the stump removal costs. Hardwood stumps are harder to remove than softwood stumps and therefore cost more. Underground hazards and the removal of surface roots all increase the cost. Depending on the stump and method of stump removal employed, more than one visit by an arborist will be necessary to confirm that the roots are dead and unable to sprout new growth.

    Removing Multiple Trees And Stumps

    Calling in the services of an arborist to clear multiple trees and stumps normally grants a considerable discount. Instead of deviating from site to site and transferring expensive equipment, devoted hours at a single location translate to lower prices for tree cutting, stump removal, and stump grinding.

    Tree Removal Restrictions

    In the majority of cases, a tree removal certificate is required to remove or demolish trees. Additionally, a large number of trees fall under tree preservation protection which means that your local council’s consent is required for tree removal or pruning. The only trees that can typically be removed without a permit are those under 5 meters in height with a trunk diameter less than 300mm and a crown spread of 4 meters or under. The best way to cut through all the red tape and get an accurate evaluation over what to do about a tree you want to be removed is to contact a local arborist.

    How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

    Every quote is different relative to the tree. An arborist has the training, expertise, and equipment needed to remove trees and clear stumps safely. Tree felling is dangerous. Removing roots using chemicals, fire or force comes with complications that call for a seasoned expert. Similarly, stump grinding sends wood chips violently into many directions. Always call in a professional to make sure that all the precautions are being followed, guaranteeing you a safe removal without any effort or hassle. Please get in touch today to request tree removal in Rowville or anywhere else in South Eastern Melbourne,  Victoria.

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