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    Why Tree Removal Is Important

    Tree removal is all too often unavoidable. Knowing when and why to remove a tree empowers property owners with the insight needed to know when to schedule a professional tree removal service and prevent unnecessary damage to people, property or things. From eliminating electrical mishaps to stopping fall damage before it happens, we’ll be taking you through a complete look at why tree removal is important and the benefits that tree felling provides.

    Why Trees Are Removed

    Whether it’s tree removal in Ferntree Gully or anywhere else, arborists are called in for many reasons. However, in the vast majority of cases, it’s not deciding if removing a tree is necessary or not – it’s telling when. Here are the top five most common reasons for tree removal services.

    Preemptively Prevent Power Interruptions

    Storm weathered, diseased or dying trees and damaged branches near electricity lines are a frequent source of power interruptions. Felling trees and pruning large, dangerous overhanging branches regularly ensures that the lights will stay on during bad weather.

    Eliminate The Chances Of Accidental Fall Damage

    A poorly rooted tree, dangling limbs or any tree that’s suffering from rot, pests, or disease is a huge safety hazard. The longer a dying or dead tree stands, the greater the risk. A fall can lead to thousands in property or asset damage while putting lives in jeopardy with just the wrong timing. Tree felling is vital to preventing hazards before they occur.

    Border Disputes & Property Damage

    Trees planted on or nearby borders of adjacent properties often lead to disputes regarding tree pruning, the shedding of leaves, foundational and structural root damage, and the potential damage arising from falling branches. Many neighbors choose to fell problematic trees to prevent future hassles and costs.

    Curbing The Spread Of Tree Disease

    If a tree fungus manages to spread, all the trees and vegetation in the region are at risk. It is far more effective to fell the plagued or dying tree. Tree disease leads to widespread ecological damage. The ailing health of trees on a property also means the people, animals and objects are at an ever-increasing risk of fall damage – it is far safer to remove the problem as soon as possible.

    Lower Wind Resistance & Reduce Shade

    There are many cases where either a single large tree or row of trees simply provides too much shade and wind resistance. A large, poorly placed tree could easily block the natural passage of a refreshing daily breeze from entering a door or large set of windows of a  home. Tree felling can also improve a home’s curbside appeal while clearing obstructed views from certain rooms and windows.

    Tree Removal Benefits

    Not all of the immediate advantages to clearing dangerous, damaged or dead trees are immediately known. There are many inherent benefits to tree removal, and here’s a look at all of them.

    Lower Environmental Stress For Other Trees

    Congested forestry or other outdoor areas where the density of plants to land is tightly packed stresses all flora and the underlying ecology of animals and organisms. Tree felling is often used to thin vegetation, allowing space for other trees and plants to thrive.

    Prevent Invasive Species From Taking Hold

    Non-native trees can often get to the point where they outnumber indigenous species. In Australia alone, over 100 invasive woody plants have been identified. Invasive alien trees and shrubs endanger local vegetation and negatively impact the biodiversity of the region. Felling also protects the quality of the soil before its sapped of nutrients while giving the growth of native trees and plants a boost.

    Clear Land For Safety & Development

    Even a healthy tree that’s growing too near a residential, commercial, or industrial development constrained for space and/or limited on location will become a hazard in time. Instead of working around an inevitable problem, many trees should rather be felled. Tree removal is often the most effective option for both the basic logistics of construction and safety.

    Sustainable Source Of Renewable Resources

    Depending on the tree removal service itself, the wood from fallen trees is always repurposed somehow. Whether for firewood, lumber, mulch, wood chips and sawdust, furniture manufacturing from stumps and logs, or even creative landscaping, the felled wood never goes to waste.

    Effective, Efficient Professional Tree Removal

    In most of Australia, you need a permit from the local council to remove large, mature or native trees. Furthermore, tree removal is a dangerous job requiring specialized equipment such as chippers, saws, ropes, harnesses, various forms of structural reinforcement, and practiced proficiency in removing trees. Calling in the help of an arborist makes sure that all the right regulatory prerequisites appropriate to the job are taken care of while also ensuring safe removal of the tree or trees without damaging the local ecology, soil or harming the wildlife.

    The Best Tree Removal In Ferntree Gully

    For tree removal in Ferntree Gully and most other locations in Victoria, we encourage you to get in touch today. The Dynamic Arborist offers tree felling, tree pruning services and tree maintenance while providing free estimates and assessments. A clean site is guaranteed from a fully insured company specializing in the highest-quality, competitively priced arborist services.

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