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    Blog / Why Hiring an Insured/Experienced Arborist is Important

    Why Hiring an Insured/Experienced Arborist is Important

    It is important to treat any trees on your property as a real investment. As well as enhancing the aesthetics, they also provide protection from the elements. If you are green-fingered and a DIY enthusiast, you may be tempted to handle the responsibility of looking after those trees by yourself. However, given the technical nature of the work involved in tree care and how dangerous it can be, it is something best left to the professionals.

    You may notice that there are several different arborists in Melbourne and the surrounding area. As they all claim to be the best and provide a high-quality service, how can you tell the difference between them? Is there really any difference?

    Remember what we said about the technical aspect of the job and how dangerous it can be? Well above all else, you need to choose a tree arborist in Melbourne that is fully experienced and insured. Why? That’s what we are going to discuss in the following post.

    Why Experience is Important

    You will often hear and read people explaining why you should choose a qualified and certified arborist. This is a good place to start if you want to make sure your trees are looked after properly. It shows they know what they are talking about and have studied at a high level. However, there is no substitute for practical experience.

    There are many things an individual can learn about working with trees and the individuality of every specimen by getting up close and personal with them. Learning biology is obviously very important but learning how to apply that knowledge successfully can only be achieved from having time spent working in the tree care industry under their belt.

    A new arborist is a risky proposition. On one hand, they may have all the relevant qualifications and certification, but if it’s not backed up by previous work, are you sure you want to trust them with your precious trees? That’s why you must look for a reputable arborist with a good number of years’ worth of experience. It is much easier to trust that your trees will be in good and safe hands that way.

    Why Insurance is Important

    Along with experience, insurance is one of the things you should always check that an arborist has before hiring them. Why is insurance so important? Well, regardless of how much experience and how well qualified arborists are in their field, it doesn’t take away the fact that the job can be very dangerous.

    Whether it’s by causing themselves, or someone on your property an injury or damaging property or even the trees themselves, a lot can go wrong. Tree storm damage repair, stump removal services, tree pruning and cutting services all carry risks. Even professionals make mistakes, or accidents happen. Therefore, arborists should carry insurance. It is a way of protecting both themselves and you.

    If they are uninsured and an accident occurs while they are working on your property, you will be liable to pay the potentially expensive damages. Not them. Be very wary of any company that does not want to discuss their insurance details.

    They should share this information on their website, or the documentation related to their services. It is always a good idea to check with their insurance company that the policy number they have cited is still active and valid.

    So, when it comes to hiring an arborist to work on the trees on your property, you should consider aspects like the cost of their services, their qualifications and certifications. But always make sure they have enough experience and the appropriate insurance coverage, so that you, your trees, your property and the arborists themselves are fully protected.

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