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    Blog / What Is Pruning; benefits, importance and methods of pruning

    What Is Pruning; benefits, importance and methods of pruning

    Tree care such as pruning, trimming and even removal is essential to maintain your property. Not only can it enhance the aesthetic of your outside space, but it is also important in order to keep your trees healthy and happy! At Dynamic Arborist, based in South East Melbourne, we offer a wide range of tree surgery and arborist services to support you in maintaining your property’s trees.

    If you are wondering how much an arborist costs in Melbourne, then it of course depends on the type of work you need to complete at your property. We know it is good to have an idea of cost in mind before getting a quote, so we have put together some examples to give you a rough guide to tree care costs.

    Tree pruning average costs

    The cost of tree pruning doesn’t have to break the bank, but it is recommended that you use a professional arborist to ensure the health and beauty of your trees, as well as to keep the pruning work safe for those involved. The size of the tree will always be a factor, but generally in Melbourne, trimming a tree might cost anything from $250 to $2,150.Therefore, we could assume that the average cost is $750.  However, a large oak tree or fig tree, for instance, will cost a lot more to maintain than a palm tree!

    Average costs for tree stump removal

    In Melbourne, stump removal is occasionally included with tree removal, but if you choose to pay individually, budget between $120 and $500. Getting both the tree and the stump removed at the same time is always less expensive as the company is already there working for you. Having stumps removed should not be delayed. Tree roots can lead to pavement raise and pipes cracking if they are allowed to continue growing. The tree stumps in your yard might also be a trip hazard for members of your family and visitors.

    Tree removal average costs

    The price of removing a tree in Melbourne will vary depending on the size of the tree, the spread of its branches, and the ease of access. The expense of removing large trees will be higher than that of smaller trees. In Melbourne, cutting down a tree costs, on average, $1,271. For a little tree, the lowest end of the price range is around $350, and it can reach $4,500 for the removal of a massive gum tree! Depending on where the tree is located, overgrown tree paths may pose a significant threat to the area. The roots have the potential to spread so far that they could uproot concrete, seriously damaging the neighbouring roads and footpaths.

    Factors that can add to tree care cost

    Several factors will play a part when working out your tree care cost budget. These can include:

    • The time of year
    • Where on the property is the tree
    • How the tree is accessed
    • How many branches are being trimmed/ removed
    • How many obstacles there are around the tree
    • How large is the tree diameter 
    • How tall is the tree


    The cost will also vary depending on the company being used and the level of expertise they offer. At Dynamic Arborist, we offer a range of highly professional services to ensure your tree care needs are met fully. 

    Arborist report costs and why you might need one

    It will cost roughly $500 to get an arborist report on one tree. The arborist cost in Melbourne can be closer to $850 if there are multiple trees and a more thorough report is needed. An arborist report is a detailed document that describes the condition, risks, value, and lifespan of a specific tree. A professional tree examination and report can be used in a variety of situations. An arborist report’s main aim is to offer a formal examination of the type and condition of trees for use in planning, building, and land management. Councils use arborist reports when deciding whether to provide permits for tree removal. Additionally, they support councils in identifying trees that can be dangerous to the neighbourhood.

    ‘I feel a great regard for trees; they represent age and beauty and the miracles of life and growth.’

    – Louise Dickinson Rich

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    Tree care such as pruning, trimming and even removal is essential to maintain your property. Not only can it enhance the aesthetic of your outside space, but it is also…


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