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    Storm Damage Tree Removal

    Storms can be devastating to trees around your property, particularly on trees and other tall, growing greenery. When trees are damaged during storms, they need to be removed, which can be quite a challenging task. That is why you would look to hire an arborist or tree surgeon to deal with it. What would be the storm damage tree removal cost, though? It’s best to understand the costs associated with it before you need a tree service.

    Storm damage, just like any other reason for requiring tree removal services, is hard to price. This is because there are several different factors you need to take into consideration.

    Let’s look at some of those factors.

    The Height of the Tree

    The first thing you need to consider when thinking about storm damage tree removal cost, is how big is the affected tree? Cutting or even just trimming a very tall tree, is a lot trickier than tackling a relatively small tree that has been damaged or otherwise compromised.

    Hiring an experienced arborist to help with tree storm damage repair or removal could be as much as $10,000 or as little as $1,000.

    Is the Damaged Tree Close to Your Property or Home?

    The storm damage tree removal cost when dealing with greenery that grows up close to your home or property comes with additional risks and complications. Especially as it may have or at the very least could cause damage to the building’s structure, particularly during the removal process. The additional safety measures that an arborist may need to have in place to perform tree storm damage repair or removal, could add significantly to the overall cost.

    Is it an Emergency?

    Storms don’t tend to follow a set timetable and any damage caused can hit at extremely inconvenient times. If the removal of a tree that’s fallen or been damaged during a storm is a priority, you may need to hire an arborist outside of their normal business hours. Which again will undoubtedly add to the cost of their services.

    Is the Damaged or Fallen Tree Close to Power Lines

    In a very similar way to if the tree that has fallen is close to your property, if a tree falls close to power lines, the removal work is a lot trickier than if it fell in a clear and open space. Not only that, because of the real safety risks associated with power lines, but it also requires a lot of more care, attention and special equipment. It may require contact with the electricity company to ask for permission for the power lines to be shut down while the arborist to work around or on them. This will all mean the cost will increase dramatically.

    Will You Need the Tree to Be Taken?

    You need to consider whether you need any trees to be taken away from your property. If you have a log fire of some description, you may want to make use of the trees as fuel. However, if you don’t and have no use for the fallen tree branches or trunk, you will need it to be hauled away, which is another additional cost that you need to factor into the overall price of an arborist’s services.

    When it comes to the cost of storm damage tree removal, hopefully, we have been able to outline some of the important factors you need to take into consideration when budgeting for it. You may not have much time to think about it if the worst happens to trees on your property, but having a clear understanding of the related costs will help you choose the right arborist for you.

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