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    Professional tree pruning – Why it matters!

    Why do trees need pruning? Trees may need pruning for many reasons, for example, the tree structure may need improvement or sometimes defective or dangerous branches must be removed. Sometimes people want the shade caused by a tree to be reduced or wind-loading issues to be resolved in areas that get snow, such as the Australian Alps. It may be that a tree is growing too close to a structure, causing safety concerns, blocking light to a house or compromising a fence around your property. Arborist services in Glen Waverley, Melbourne are available for all your professional tree pruning needs via Dynamic Arborist and we have put together a tree pruning guide to support you. 

    Other benefits of professional tree pruning

    Another great benefit from regular tree pruning is that they grow better, fruit production is encouraged and it helps the overall health of the tree. It can also improve the appearance of trees on your property, which can be really helpful when trying to sell or rent out your home. It may even be that tricky trees are causing issues between neighbours and a tree pruning and cutting service is needed to help resolve the dispute! 

    What are your tree pruning aims?

    When considering what needs pruning, it is essential that you consider what your tree pruning objective is. That is why it is best to consult a professional to complete the pruning of your trees! It may be that dead wood needs removing- meaning that decaying and dead branches will be taken off the tree to maintain its overall health. Perhaps lower branches need to be removed in order to increase light- this is known as a canopy lift. A final aim for using a tree pruning service may be that you have an issue with crossing branches. This is when branches grow inward rather than outward and rub against other branches in the wind. This can cause the bark of the tree to rub or sheer off, which can sometimes lead to pest invasion or fungal disease which is definitely not what you need for your tree! 

    When should trees be pruned?

    Again, this is really important to consider and that is why we recommend you use a professional tree pruning or cutting service to avoid causing serious damage to your trees. Of course, it depends on the type of tree because although minor printing can take place throughout the year for most trees, many trees require specific and specialist knowledge to ensure the pruning is beneficial. Trees that bloom in spring can be pruned just after they flower. You should not really trim a tree in summer unless you are aiming to reduce the amount of fruit it produces. Pruning a tree in autumn can cause fungal infections and other damage, so is best avoided. Winter pruning is ideal if you want to encourage healthy growth later in the year and there is less sap that comes from trees as they are dormant at that time of the year, like so many of us are too!

    What difference does professional tree pruning really make?

    Aside from avoiding damaging the health of your trees, professional pruning services can ensure that your tree becomes aesthetically pleasing and also has a strong structure. If you have the help of a professional, then you are unlikely to need corrective pruning as the years go by. Pruning the tree correctly when it is young will help it develop a good framework of primary branches which will form the tree’s structure when it is mature. Tree maintenance in Mulgrave is great for this service, as is tree pruning in Ferntree Gully, so if the reasons for tree pruning have you concerned then check out our varied and affordable tree surgeon services at Dynamic Arborist.

    Why professional tree pruning can be essential for safety

    Tree pruning and cutting services can be vital for ensuring the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. They can also provide clear views of road signs and street signs. It can help avoid safety risks which can be caused by weakened or compromised limbs or branches which could fall and cause accidents or damage. Enlisting tree pruning or cutting services such as emergency tree services in Wheelers Hill can also help you to save a storm-damaged tree on your property.

    Expert advice for your tree needs

    The main reason to use a professional tree pruning or cutting service is so that we can support and advise you! This means you can avoid causing damage to your trees, or having unnecessary risk when undertaking any work yourself with tools and heights. This means that we can assess any hazards and undertake the work safely and effectively, as covered in this tree pruning guide. There are many specialists we can recommend for this type of work depending on your needs and which suburb you are based in. For more information please get in touch with Dynamic Arborist for our advice and support today!

    ‘Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time.’

    – Katrina Mayer

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