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    Blog / Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary, or is it better to grind a stump?

    Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary, or is it better to grind a stump?

    Stump removal is an arduous task that takes an extensive amount of time, equipment and arduous manpower. Depending on the situation and tree, stump grinding is often the better option and largely more affordable. Not every arborist offers stump grinding, but those with a dedicated stump grinder can cut away all the hassle and high costs associated with getting rid of the last of a felled tree. 

    What Is Stump Removal?

    Stump removal is the process of extracting the stump and roots of a felled tree. All of the roots are excavated and ripped out of the ground using expensive machinery and extensive site inspection. Chemical stump removal services are also available, as are burning services, but the process typically takes four weeks or more for the stump and roots to begin to die off.  

    What Is Stump Grinding?

    Stump grinding is the mechanical flattening of a fallen tree’s stump without going through the taxing process of extracting the roots. Instead of pulling the roots out of the ground, the stump of a removed tree is ground flat. Stump grinding uses a machine with a carbide-tipped steel wheel to churn through a tree trunk, leveling it to the point where root growth cannot be sustained. The remaining roots die and gradually begin to decompose. 

    Why Stump Grinding Is Preferred Over Stump Removal

    Stump grinding is preferred over stump removal because it allows arborists to effectively clear a tree without resorting to an invasive, costly process that requires expensive machinery and an extensive amount of time. Grinding a tree stump down to just below ground level means that there’s no gaping hole left behind. 

    Roots are left to decompose naturally, which prevents property owners from having to dig up the surrounding terrain to access them for removal. There’s also no harmful chemicals damaging the environment or detriment to the soil quality. After grinding, the ground can be conventionally be used for planting almost immediately. 

    Chemical stump removal leaves a dying tree stump standing for weeks which often leads to infestation and fungal growth affecting nearby vegetation. Similarly, cutting down a tree but not removing the stump creates the perfect environment for termites, ants, beetles, and other vermin to thrive. Opting for stump grinding instead ensures that you’re not creating a breeding ground for future problems. 

    Does Stump Grinding Remove The Tree Stumps?

    Stump grinding grinds the tree stumps away completely, leaving no traces of the trunk. The stump grinder chips away at the tree stump, chipping and ripping it down all the way to just beneath ground level. Both the stump and the immediate roots beneath the tree are ground away to as deep as possible, effectively killing off the roots without any nearby structural damage. 

    How Low Does Stump Grinding Go?

    The majority of stump grinders are capable of grinding the tree down to anything between 15 cm and 45 cm beneath ground level. There are many different types of stump grinders available and the best arborists will have a range of machinery at their disposal. The smallest are hand-operated and call for a hefty amount of physical labor, whereas track stump grinders are the largest machines and grind down to the deepest level while the machine itself does most of the work. Selecting the optimal stump grinding doesn’t only depend on the tree stump but also any obstacles present. 

    Will The Tree Grow Back After Stump Grinding?

    No. With the entire stump gone and only lifeless roots disconnected from the tree left, the tree cannot grow back after stump grinding. There’s no chance of new sprouts and absolutely no decay either. Some worry whether the decomposing roots may leave dangerous holes in the upcoming years, but this is impossible. The gradual root degradation fortifies the soil with nutrients as the soil fills in around the space naturally. There’s no risk of sinkholes, and the tree is gone for good. 

    The Best Stump Grinding And Stump Removal In Victoria

    Stump grinding is more cost-effective and far faster than complete stump removal. With no damage to the integrity of the surrounding area, thanks to the roots being left to decompose naturally, a single session leaves the area flat and ready to be used for any other planting or construction. A stump left in the ground without being treated for removal or ground down creates an environment for pests and fungi to thrive, which is extremely dangerous for children and pets. Rather ensure the tree is cleared completely by opting for affordable, effective stump removal in Burwood or anywhere else in and around South Eastern Melbourne,  Victoria.

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