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    How do you cut down a big tree?

    When considering cutting down a big tree on your property, it is vital that you think about the health and safety of anyone involved before putting a blade to bark! Because this can be quite a nerve-wracking experience- think revving chainsaws and sawdust flying at you!- we recommend securing the help of a professional tree removal service such as ourselves at Dynamic Arborist. 

    What to do first

    You should clear the area around the tree, such as debris and any spare equipment. Clear the vicinity of any other people other than adults assisting you and make sure pets and children are well away and being supervised carefully. You need to collect any tools needed- again, if you don’t know what tools you need, or if you have no tools, then you really should be reaching for your phone to call a specialist, not grabbing a saw yourself! You will likely need a chainsaw, a rope, a reciprocating saw and a tripod or an extending ladder. Be aware that if you use an extending ladder, then you will need to lean it against the tree you are cutting down, which can be very challenging. You should also make sure that any chains and blades you are using are new. 

    Next steps when cutting down a big tree

    You should clear the area around the tree, such as debris and any spare equipment. Take a step back and really look at the tree to assess what branches actually need removing…don’t just start hacking at the tree trunk and expect it to go smoothly! Always allow for extra room, extra height and unexpected incidents when cutting down a tree, so you head into it prepared for anything. A tree surgeon might advise you to thin out some of the lower branches with a hedge trimmer or a garden multi-tool. Alternatively, a specialist might begin removing the upper branches, before moving on to the heavier lower branches. It is a great idea to have someone assisting you at all times- make sure you can hear each other well before you begin.

    What happens next?

    You should now remove the top lateral branches. By doing this, the potential damage the tree can cause if it falls in the wrong direction is reduced. The ladder will be best supported at its base by a companion while you prune the top lateral branches using a pruning saw. Tie a rope around the branch if it is big as falling branches could cause harm, particularly if near your house or another building. A tree surgeon from a professional tree removal service will complete all of this work for you in a safe and secure way that is also best for the area around the tree itself.

    Which way will a tree fall?

    It is essential that you work out which way the tree will fall and how much room it will take up. But please don’t even think about cutting that whole tree down yet! You really need to plan a couple of escape routes in case you have misjudged any of the calculations and be ready to react at a moment’s notice. If this makes you concerned, then please do use an arborist from an affordable tree removal service for peace of mind and your own safety. Servicing South Eastern Melbourne we offer tree removal and all types of tree maintenance services at Dynamic Arborist. For example, our affordable tree felling service is available in the Bayswater area.

    When to call in the experts

    You might not have the necessary equipment to cut down a sizable tree close to your home. It’s also possible that you don’t have much experience utilising the tools for this. Get in touch with an arborist in your region if either, or both, of these situations, exist. It’s not a good idea to learn how to wield a chainsaw while standing on a ladder. When it comes to tree removal, hiring specialists is the best course of action if you lack the necessary equipment or knowledge. Safety should always be your number one priority when dealing with trees. Please contactDynamic Arborist for advice and affordable tree removal services in a variety of areas in Melbourne such as Rowville and Glen Waverley.

    ‘Learn character from trees, values from roots and change from leaves’

    – Tasneern Harneed

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