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    Blog / Do you need council approval to remove a tree?

    Do you need council approval to remove a tree?

    It is usually safe to assume that you need permission from a council when removing a  tree on your property anywhere across Australia. Councils have their own specific tree protection laws and the requirements of these can vary between councils across the country. Most municipalities want residents to apply for permits before any significant work involving tree removal takes place. It is best to seek a professional tree pruning or tree stump removal service to ensure you approach this correctly!

    What can happen if I don’t have council approval?

    If you don’t check if you need council approval before removing trees from your property, you could be facing hefty fines or more serious legal action against you. It is vital that you understand the rules in your local area before beginning any work. It is a good idea to enlist the advice and support of professional tree pruning services so that you are confident any work undertaken is appropriate and legal.

    Reasons to remove a tree

    Trees may need to be removed for many reasons. The tree structure may be defective or dangerous and so the whole tree may need removing. The shade caused by a tree may need to be reduced. It’s possible that a tree is getting too close to a building, endangering safety, obstructing light from a home, or weakening a fence around your property. Knowing whether a tree should be completely removed can be a very important decision. This can be challenging for a non-specialist, so we recommend you use the services of professional tree and tree stump removal services such as Dynamic Arborist.

    When is permission usually given?

    Local authorities typically grant requests to cut down trees that are dead, dying, dangerous, or a fire hazard. We offer fire protection services in Boronia and emergency tree services in Wheelers Hill. In addition to these instances, trees that are smaller than 3 metres, within 3 metres of your house or pool, or that are blocking the construction of a boundary fence will often have their removal approved by the municipality. If unsure of what type of work the tree will benefit from, or whether or not approval is likely to be given, get in touch with a professional tree pruning service for information and support, such as our tree felling service in Bayswater.

    Can a council refuse to give the approval to remove a tree? 

    Councils can sometimes turn down applications for tree removal permits if the tree is on a protected tree list. This will also include trees that are viewed as significant in terms of size, age, species, location and cultural importance. Always check with a specialist tree removal service if unsure of this. Reasons given that are seen as purely aesthetic are likely to be rejected, such as an obstructed view or leaves or produce dropping onto a property. We offer professional tree services in a number of Melbourne suburbs such as Scoresby for commercial tree services and property management in Croydon. 

    How do you apply for council approval?

    Your first step should be to check if you need a pro arborist report for the tree in question. The majority of guidelines will ask you to provide information on the tree’s size, location, condition, tree type, fire zones, and whether any specific limitations apply to the tree already. As most councils will require a pro arborist report, then it is usually best to use a professional tree surgeon such as Dynamic Arborist. Covering areas such as Rowville and Lysterfield for tree and stump removal services, we are an expert team who can guide you through this process and streamline it for you.

    What do I do next?

    Please send your filled-out form, the Pro Arborist Report, and the specified processing fee to your local council. The length of waiting period for these applications ranges from a few days to a few weeks. Therefore, be sure to wait to arrange your tree work until you have confirmation of council approval. Your final step is to schedule the tree works for your property after receiving city council approval. We offer specific council work in Dandenong, as of course, even councils need permission to remove municipal trees too! So, get in touch with the friendly experts at Dynamic Arborist for advice and professional tree services today. 

    ‘All our wisdom is stored in the trees.’

    – Santosh Kalwar

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