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    Types of Arborists Services

    The trees on your property can add real value, both aesthetically and financially. That is, if they are looked after properly. The best way to do that is by hiring a professional arborist. Although you may be aware that an arborist is a specialist who is qualified to act as a kind of tree doctor, you may not fully be aware just what they can do for the trees on your property. Below we are going to highlight the main types of services you can benefit from when you hire an arborist.


    A certified arborist in Melbourne has the knowledge and experience to recommend the right species of trees to be planted in the right places and know how to plant them properly. This is an important part of their job as planting the wrong species of tree in the wrong place will cause problems further down the line such as poor growth, diseases, insects and just restricted growing space.

    Planting larger trees involves further specialist skills and equipment.

    Tree Pruning

    A large part of the work of an arborist, Melbourne-based or otherwise. It is not just to make trees look good. The best arborist Melbourne has to offer, know when and how to prune trees effectively to help with the appearance of trees, but their health and safety too. Some of the most common reasons why tree pruning and cutting services might be necessary includes:

    • Creating a better shape for a damaged tree
    • Removing excess weight from branches
    • Reducing the chance of storm damage by creating better structure
    • Removing weak, diseased or dead limbs
    • Removing limbs that are interfering in structures or rubbing together and causing wounds
    • Removing damaged limbs and branches
    • Thinning limbs out to boost air flow and light penetration through a tree’s canopy
    • Training younger trees to develop stronger structures


    Tree Removal Services

    Trees are not removed lightly. It is always done as a last option when there are no other solutions. You will find that many arborists who are ISA certified also hold a TRAQ or Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. This qualifies them to conduct risk assessments and establish appropriate mitigation choices, such as removal. Arborists are equipped with both the equipment and skills to efficiently and safely remove trees. Removal is often considered when:

    • A tree is wrongly placed on a development or construction site
    • A tree is causing hazards and conditions and circumstances mean other forms of mitigation are impossible
    • A tree is dying or dead
    • A tree is being replaced by a more appropriate specimen
    • A tree has been assessed as being hazardous and can’t be saved


    Storm Damage Tree Removal and Emergency Tree Removal Services

    In the event of a storm or another emergency, you may need to hire an arborist in Melbourne for several different services, depending on the extent of the damage. Even storm damage tree removal is not rushed into.

    If it is at all possible, storm damage tree repair and storm damaged tree cutting is preferred if it means you are not needlessly removing an otherwise healthy plant.

    As you can see, there are a variety of different services that the best arborist in Melbourne will offer. You probably had one of these services in mind when you searched for “an arborist near me”. Even if you are not entirely sure what service or services you do need, an arborist in Melbourne will be able to help you.

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